About Us

Each and every person on earth owes their existence to water – in fact, when we are born our bodies are made up of eighty percent of this essential liquid. As we age, this percentage drops significantly, with most adults failing to get even the minimum amount of water required daily. It is apparent that over time, we have forgotten what water can do for the human body.



It is the mission of Puréau Fresh water Company to remind you of this, by becoming your number one choice in sourcing pure and healthy drinking water.



At Puréau, we pride ourselves on providing water solutions to businesses and homes across South Africa – whether it be in the form of water bottles or through water coolers.



As coffee is a close companion of water, we have also extended our product offering to include coffee. In doing so we have partnered with the best brands in South Africa and the world to offer you outstanding coffee through a vast choice of one touch and vending coffee machines.



Contact us today, and get started on your journey to liquid refreshment!